Fishery rules at Butterswood Lodge.

We believe that the regulations below are imperative to the welfare and safe keeping of both our fish and our visiting anglers and guests. We would kindly request these regulations are strictly adhered to.  Anglers are requested not to be offended, as checks may be carried out to ensure adherence of these regulations.

If anyone is found to be in breach of these regulations, we reserve the right to request that they leave the premises immediately, and risk being refused entry in the future.

  • Please only use feed pellets purchased from Butterswood Lodge, we want to know our fish are being fed quality pellets.
  • Maggots, prawns, worms, cockles  etc are allowed
  • Absolutely no barbed hooks are allowed, our fish are in excellent condition and we will not tolerate any fish abuse
  • Maximum hook size is 10 
  • No fixed feeders or leads and a lower diameter hook length must be used at all times
  • We do not allow boilies or tiger nuts
  • Only Butterswood floating pellets can be used for surface fishing, (NO EXCEPTIONS), this includes bread, dog biscuits or any other floating baits
  • No sacking of Carp
  • No braid
  • No tins to be left on the bank, please put tins into your bag to avoid dropping in the water
  • No swimming or entering the water
  • No barbeques or fires
  • We have a zero tolerance to litter being left onsite, this includes cigarette buts.  Please place all litter in a bag and take it home
  • For the peace and quiet of the site, please no radios
  • Please do not use any meat of any kind, this includes: luncheon meat, bacon grill, cat or dog meat, peperami etc
  • Maximum of one rod to be used
  • Strictly no night fishing under any circumstances
  • Strictly no keep nets to be used on this site
  • Unhooking mats must be used at all times
  • All landing nets and unhooking mats must be disinfected in the station in the car park, prior to and after use
  • Please do not leave your fishing equipment unattended
  • Children under the age of 18 must have an adult, (parent, grandparent etc) present at all times
  • No dry cloths or towels when handling the fish, dry cloths remove the slime which is the fish’s protection against infections and diseases
  • All fish must be returned to the water as quickly as possible, please take extra care with Barbels (request assistance if required)
  • Please respect your fellow anglers, anyone behaving unsportsmanlike will be asked to leave

Neither Butterswood Lodge, nor Joanne Whitaker shall be held responsible for personal injury, loss, damage or theft of property however caused. All cars are parked at the owners risk.
We hope that you enjoy Butterswood as much as we do, and would kindly ask that you respect our property so that others can enjoy the experience.

Many thanks