In 1982 the first lake, Lily Pond, was created at Butterswood by the original owners, Peter and Betty Marshall. Following this 2 further pond’s were created, Railway Pond and Tench Pond. For many years the fishery was enjoyed by all of those who visited and until 2010 the pond’s were well cared for.

Unfortunately, between the years of 2010 and 2016 the pond’s and their surroundings were not maintained and the fishery was closed for day ticket fishing. During this time a 4th pond was developed which was originally named the Match Pond, this has subsequently been renamed the Stock Pond.

In late 2016 Butterswood Lakes and Cottages was bought by Mark and Trudy Glossop, and from December 2016 a considerable amount of work was done, reshaping the ponds and the surrounding grounds.

In July 2017 Butterswood Lakes and Cottages opened again for day ticket fishing with 3 ponds open, Lily Pond, Railway Pond and Tench Pond. Due to continued work required to the Stock Pond, it was utilised as a growing on pond.

In November 2018 Butterswood was sold again, this time to Ian Holden and Annette Anderson.  Most things remained the same, just the name changed slightly to Butterswood Lodge.

Since taking over, the grounds have been improved again.  There have been with vast amounts of drainage installed and dead trees and brambles have been cleared.